Daytime Pet Care...

Puppy Care & Socialisation
Like all babies, the first few months of a puppyís life are the most important. It is at this time that your puppy should be kept to a routine to help aid toilet training. It is also important that he/she is introduced to a range of experiences, sights, sounds and interaction, helping him/her to grow into a happy and confident adult dog. I would be happy to visit your puppy for feeding, playtime, toilet breaks (and cleaning up any little accidents) and early socialisation. Once vaccinated we can explore the outside world together.

Care For Your Elderly Or Poorly Pet
Maybe you would like your elderly friend to be given cuddles, fed/watered, let out in the garden, taken for a short walk or given medication. I would be happy to provide whatever care your elderly pet needs.

Cat Care
It is well known and documented that most cats are happier and less stressed when kept in their own environment and to their normal routine. Day-care visits allow your cat to remain in the comfort of their own home and is a perfect alternative to Cattery boarding. Again, this service can be tailor made to your catís needs.

Additional services can be provided as per Pet/Home sitting and at no extra cost to you. If you are going to be away overnight I would recommend a minimum of 2 visits per 24hr period.

Small Animal Care
I would be happy to check on other pets to ensure that they have plenty of fresh water/food and are comfortable, clean and well in your absence. This service is very much tailored to your Petís needs.

Nail Trimming
An additional service, available during my visit. Please feel free to ask for more details.

Before you make the decision to book with Four Paws it is important for us all to meet in your home. This is a mutual opportunity to carry out a pet care assessment of your requirements and most importantly to meet your pets. This meeting enables me to answer any questions or concerns that you may have regarding your pets needs, guaranteeing that they receive all of the care they need.

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